What’s that beeping noise? It’s your pager letting you know the ‘90s are back and they’re still da bomb! Flashback to the best of the ‘90s and more with this week’s Featured Artist pair, Chobopop, whose designs are tinged with a “sense of nostalgia and familiarity” that will have you traveling back to the ‘90s in no time!

The Hungarian artist couple, Amee and Csaba, create designs that pop with color, hum with elaborate patterns, and buzz with that perfect throwback style that will be sure to have you using super fly ‘90s slang in no time. Booyah!

Amee and Csaba live and work in Budapest, Hungary and find that traveling, art exhibits, concerts, and the rich history of Budapest all contribute to their “passion to create visually exciting things that inspire others.” Their combined artistic project, Chobopop, allows for a seamless joining of ideas; they love the challenge of translating the vibrant pulse of pop culture into tangible art that represents the “collective consciousness” around them. Still — more than anything —they want their art to showcase the “vibrant energy, iconic symbols, and the way [pop culture] connects with people across generations.”

Their colorful designs — whether a geometric-inspired animal or a fun dinosaur pattern — suggest a retro vibe that hints of a more lighthearted carefree time. In fact, they admit to gravitating to art that is indicative of their “childhood memories, which holds a special place in our hearts.” Still, they believe that everything around them can inspire and encourage their creativity. They share, “inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, and staying curious and open-minded helps us discover new ideas and perspectives.”

They understand — like many artists — that it’s possible to suffer from “self-doubt” or perfectionism, which often leads to “overthinking and hesitation.” They remind artists to “stay true to your creative vision” even during creative blocks. Still, when Chobopop faces their own obstacles, they turn to their fellow artist community for support and to be reminded of the “positive impact [their] work can have on others.”

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