cat with cake and text "cake & solitude"

Fear no more, anxious introverts! This week’s returning Featured Artist FoxShiver is here to calm your nerves with messages of solidarity, understanding, and adorable kitty-inspired graphics. Next time your mind is spinning in circles or you’re just too tired to venture out into the world, then settle in for a cozy night with FoxShiver’s iconic anti-social cat artwork instead!

The native Polish artist FoxShiver, or Justyna, is currently living in Spain. However, she continues to be a nomadic artist and admits, “I only stay for a few weeks in one place and then move elsewhere.” Although she loves to travel and live in new places, she has happily settled on a characteristic cat-inspired style. She teases, “I draw a lot of cats. Like, A LOT” and finds that her cat character conveys poignant and relatable messages to her audience. FoxShiver is a self-described introvert who treasures her alone time and has channeled these feeling into her art. She confesses, “some days I only draw, some days I only meet people. There’s no in between.” Her hilarious designs show off a cat with captions like “Social Interactions Limit Reached” or “Can’t Go Out, Too Busy Having Feelings” and are an introvert’s perfect anthem!

social interactions limit reached cat
Cat in blanket with text "Can't go out, too busy having feeling"

She urges other artists to “draw in your sketchbook all the time. Make it a habit.” She follows this advice and admits that as a child she even “used to draw on anything [she] could find, even books and walls.” Today, she is enthusiastic about the future of her art and hopes to accomplish “so many things” that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. She jokes, “I hope I manage to do at least 10% of that.” Still, she is the most excited about her current video game design project and can’t wait to share it with her community in the future.

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